2017 ITPNZ Applied Research Symposium


Innovations that Transform Societies

Symposium and Expo, 4-5 July 2017, in Hamilton, New Zealand

The Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics in New Zealand is a sector that has deep relationships with local industries and communities, and focus on delivering transformative inititatives and innovations.  This national annual symposium and expo bring together exhibitions of innovations, and a selection of global speakers and case studies about innovations that transform societies from across New Zealand and also from international developers and innovation providers.

You can participate as a speaker, an exhibitor, or just by attending and building networks and collaborations with others.  Our aim is that you walk away from the symposium afterwards with new horizons opened and expanded opportunities available to develop solutions and innovations that transform societies.

This is an action-oriented event that aims to build international collaborations that will benefit New Zealand and the other participating countries.

The symposium program and a list of exhibitors will be published from April 2017.

Our keynote speakers are

  • Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Designswarm, United Kingdom
  • Minna Takala, Häme Regional Council, Finland
  • Vesa Salminen, HAMK (Häme University of Applied Sciences), Finland

They will focus on Internet of Things, or IoT, (Alexandra) and Circular Economy  (regenerative practice) as a vehicle for regional development (Minna and Vesa).  Both of these innovations are already transforming societies globally, and have the potential to bring about further transformational change in the future.

Other confirmed international participation:

Confirmed Industry participation:  Presentation & Expo:

Download the brochures below, or email to symposium2017@wintec.ac.nz to get more information.

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