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Biomimetic microstructures for cancer cell movement using 3D printing technology

In this project, we present a novel microfabrication practice to generate a biomimetic 3D microstructure to further understand cancer cell movements. 3D bio printing is a developing field that justifies further application. Different forms of mask less assembly, such as scanning polymerization and projection polymerization, are capable of creating detailed microstructures. One recently developed projection […]

Reproducing and creating End- Use parts

Dickson Motorsport- Seatbelt Brackets for a Race Car Seat Problem: A bracket that protects the seat from wear had broken. Brackets could not be purchased from supplier without buying a whole new seat Solution: A digital 3D model was created from the existing broken bracket and printed in Visijet Tough- and ABS/PP- like polymer before […]

Prototyping and Manufacturing End-Use Parts

Williamson Design & Engineering: Rally Car Wing Mirror Problem: While sliding sideways the side mirrors stick out too far for the driver to have a clear view. Solution: A smaller side mirror was required but the pivots for the glass is not something you can purchase and they are complex parts to machine. A digital […]

3D Printing and Prototyping

A professional 3D printing service utilizing the Projet 6000MP; a production and medical grade, high accuracy SLA 3D printer capable of producing complex and dimensionally stable models from resin. Our current material range caters to the following applications: Thin-walled models Liquid containers Equipment housings Medical supply components Plastic lenses Rigid structures High impact based Household […]