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Biomimetic microstructures for cancer cell movement using 3D printing technology

In this project, we present a novel microfabrication practice to generate a biomimetic 3D microstructure to further understand cancer cell movements. 3D bio printing is a developing field that justifies further application. Different forms of mask less assembly, such as scanning polymerization and projection polymerization, are capable of creating detailed microstructures. One recently developed projection […]

Symposium update

Symposium Plans for 8-9 November 2016 are coming together. If you have innovative products related to the Ageing Well and Eldercare market in then you should consider being here at Wintec, in Hamilton, New Zealand in November as we run the combined Symposium and Tradeshow. The tradeshow application forms are now available.  Please contact us for more details and […]

Breast cancer diagnostics with gold nanoparticles

The early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer nodes is an important first step in the healing regime for this disease. A current study targets breast cancer cells with specially treated gold nanoparticles and using electrical impedance measurements in a specially designed chamber. Impedance (a form of electrical resistance) readings can be taken for cell […]

Interactive Health Research – Trial Village

The nexus of clinical, nutrition, and exercise in health-related trials Often health and wellness experiments and trials monitor only a limited set of data.  At our IHR Trial Village we  can provide and monitor a wide range of interventions and monitor an equally wide range of data to inform the analysis of impact of the […]