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Remote sensing of river quality

Have a look at our new story map – it shows how Wintec researchers in the primary industry and  sustainability teams are working with Beef and Lamb farmers in a priority water catchment.  The aim it to use sensors to measure environmental indicators to engage with farmers so they can understand the ‘footprint” of their farms […]

Welcome to our Interns from Kyungpook University

We have the privilege of hosting six new interns from the well-known Korean Kyungpook University.  These six students will spend the next 16 weeks at Wintec improving their English, as well as working on projects within our innovation hubs.  They arrived yesterday afternoon at the Auckland International Airport, and we welcomed them this morning at […]

Low cost passive fruit ripening gas sensor

In this project, we present an approach to develop a passive fruit ripening gas absorber that can be used to sense and measure at low cost. It would also be helpful to be able to measure less than 5 ppm. The adsorbing sensor is designed based on the selective adsorption of gas by metal complex […]

Using young talent in our projects!

We have been working hard on producing the sensor sets for a large environmental project (in collaboration with Beef and Lamb NZ, and the Waikato River Authority).  The primary focus of this project is to help farmers understand how their activities impact on river quality, and ho to improve on this. We have seven test […]

Bespoke digital tool for environmental planning and risk management

Design, build and implement a prototype online recording system for dairy farms to incorporate environmental planning and risk management. Records and risk management related to environmental aspects of dairy farm operations are often addressed as a requirement of compliance and by management, rather than as part of daily operations and by all staff. Farmers are […]

Info-apps for extension and education

Using smart info-apps to assist farmers has proven to be very effective in New Zealand. The info-app is particularly suited to conditions of low or no internet connectivity, language differences, and situations where there is a lack of access to structured learning opportunities. Wintec research has demonstrated that the touch screen interface which exists on […]

Innovative sediment measures

On a forested development property the efficacy of current sediment capture methods will be determined by measuring the depth of sediment in sediment traps before and after large rain events. Assessment will be made of the water quality entering a waterway that runs through the centre of the property. All data will be GPS’d and […]

Use of real time remote sensors to measure water quality at a farm scale

Sensors that will measure various water quality parameter will be installed in a subcatchment area, where a water way can be attributed to a farm. These sensors will collect data 24/7 in real time, and over time, will provide information to the farmers on their farms contribution to the quality of the receiving waterways. These […]

Farm Environment Plans to Improve Water Quality

A baseline project to link actions by sheep and beef farmers to environmental improvements in the Waipa catchment. This project will use drones to map the farms, and GIS to analyse the maps to help farmers engage, identify and recognize land management units on their farms. We will then work with them to develop Farm […]

Development of a database for support of improved dairy production in Ecuador

As a result of an agreement signed with the Ministry of Agriculture of Ecuador (MAGAP) for the execution of the project “Upgrade of the Ecuadorian Dairy Production Matrix”, AGSO (Association of Cattle Farmers from the Highlands and Amazon Region of Ecuador) are committed to implementing an evidence based system to promote constant improvement of the […]