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Towards an Impact Hub in Aotearoa – May 2018

Impact Hub Aotearoa intends to close the gaps in the innovation and entrepreneurship system, utilising existing resources. It is an amplifier and connector that interlinks the pockets of the awesomeness locally, nationally and globally. In June/July 2017, Trust Waikato held a symposium presenting the Impact Hub concept with speakers from the Impact Hub Global Network to […]

Towards an Impact Hub in Aotearoa – Newsletter December ‘17

Kia ora team, What a journey we have been on for the past few weeks!! Following our workshop on 8 Nov, we are grateful for the continuing support from the stakeholders and the communities. The action, the encouragement and the commitment demonstrate the friendship to Impact Hub project and the collective Aroha for Aotearoa. The […]

Towards an Impact Hub in New Zealand

Kia ora, What an awesome start to our journey of setting up Impact Hub in Waikato!! Thank you to those attended our first stakeholder engagement workshop on the 8 Nov.  Thank you also to our enablers, Trust Waikato and Wintec. It was electrifying to see the energy in the room, with social enterprises, businesses, community […]

IoT Waikato Meetup provides another opportunity to connect

IoT Waikato October Meetup

The second IoT Waikato Meetup saw the discussion expand from sensors, connectivity, and development, to data and incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning to explore real opportunities to enable synergy between the physical and digital worlds.

Remote sensing of river quality

Have a look at our new story map – it shows how Wintec researchers in the primary industry and  sustainability teams are working with Beef and Lamb farmers in a priority water catchment.  The aim it to use sensors to measure environmental indicators to engage with farmers so they can understand the ‘footprint” of their farms […]

Regional Innovation is a Thing

We are accustomed to thinking about innovation as an idea that finds its way into the world either as a new business or a new technology.  When we think about new ideas we often think about it as an idea coming from an individual.  While this is often the case, it is increasingly not the […]

Innovating Innovation

The Global Innovation Index (GII) report for 2016 has recently been released, and can be downloaded.  Its release coincided with the start of my annual trip to the countries doing well in the GII and have similar or at least comparable size as New Zealand where I live and work. The GII report highlights that […]

We reached a Milestone with our IoT systems!

We have developed very effective sensor networks and systems in the past, but have been tampering with a new emphasis on smaller modular IoT enabled systems.  The purpose of these smaller systems is to create modular units with a specific functionality that can be used in numerous different applications, whilst the cost is kept really […]

The Smart Garden is heating up!

We have been working furiously on making the Smart Garden project (sponsored by Curious Minds) a success.  Fortunately, we have been privileged to work with some really smart young people! We kicked off our campaign and jumped straight into starting to make sensors for our garden.  The first sessions were attended by about 30 enthusiastic […]

Welcome to our Interns from Kyungpook University

We have the privilege of hosting six new interns from the well-known Korean Kyungpook University.  These six students will spend the next 16 weeks at Wintec improving their English, as well as working on projects within our innovation hubs.  They arrived yesterday afternoon at the Auckland International Airport, and we welcomed them this morning at […]