Masters student required for industry project

The Centre for Transdisciplinary Research and Innovation has a project in industry suitable for a Masters candidate with a background in the built environment.

The Project Idea: To create an electronic (or other) positioning system for building sites and other industries to help find accurate on-site grid-lines, heights, datum’s, and plans.

We are looking for candidates who can bring their expertise to this project idea. They have either a relevant bachelor’s degree or extensive relevant industry experience, are a confident, diligent person and an independent and critical thinker. This is a research Masters with a large work-place based component – it is an opportunity to gain a postgraduate qualification whilst in employment and where industry experience counts. If you ready to immerse yourself in this environment then we would like to hear from you. You can find out about our Masters programme here under ‘educational programmes’ and you can email for further details about the project.

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