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Smart community vegetable gardening

We were successful in obtaining funding from Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) from their Curious Minds contestable fund to do a project with a community (vegetable) garden, sensoring it to provide information to the community about their garden that is usually only available in more sophisticated precision farming environments.  The aim is for them to learn […]

Monitoring water quality in the Waikato

We are doing a three year project in the lower Waikato region, mainly a beef and lamb farming area, to monitor the impact of farming practices on water quality.  Throughout the project we’ll be working with farmers in the region and also closely with the Waikato Regional Council.  This will also be the first time […]

June Links

Spain’s startup Agrobot has developed a smart strawberry harvester that automatically manoeuvers the field. Via camera and image analytics it determines autonomously which strawberries are ripe enough for picking. Monitoring horses and equine facility management just got easier thanks to Spanish IoT startup EIOT: EOIT developed Smart Horse, a platform that uses wireless sensor networks […]