Towards an Impact Hub in Aotearoa – May 2018

Impact Hub Aotearoa intends to close the gaps in the innovation and entrepreneurship system, utilising existing resources. It is an amplifier and connector that interlinks the pockets of the awesomeness locally, nationally and globally.

In June/July 2017, Trust Waikato held a symposium presenting the Impact Hub concept with speakers from the Impact Hub Global Network to changemakers in the Waikato. The symposium was well received, and in Oct 2017, I was appointed as the Project Manager for the development of Impact Hub Aotearoa.

In November 2017, we held another stakeholder engagement meeting seeking interested parties to “Find their place in the Hub“.  The participants then self-selected their roles in the eco-system of the Impact Hub. We now have a large number of the supporters behind the Impact Hub movement.

As of the end of May 2018, the Project Management contract is completed. There is sufficient momentum to drive this movement forward. Currently, there are two independent entities established to go on the journey.  Diversity and collaboration between these entities are inherent to the Impact Hub concept, and the differences in approach between the two lend power to the establishment of Impact Hub Aotearoa.

Our aim is to create a healthy and sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Aotearoa.  We believe there is synergy between all of us. Our next step is to connect the pockets of the awesomeness all around NZ by collaboration. As we are unable to use the Impact Hub branding until we get the official sign-off from Global Network, we are part of the wider Impact Hub Aotearoa Development, each team with a different focus.

Social Impact Waikato comprises Ben Scott, Tania Jones, Kai Cuff and Zaynel Sushil. The team is currently undertaking several “Social Meetups” and utilising “Design Thinking” to determine suitable products and services for the Waikato region. The team is looking forward to engaging with the broader community to co-design a roadmap ahead.

On the other hand, Te Māia focuses on creating value from the Point of Inspire (v.) to the Point of Success by amplifying the stories and offerings of existing stakeholders. The goal is to create an event management site that links all social content providers, nationally and locally, through Communities of Learning to the Point of Transformation that support social entrepreneurs, tech startups and purpose-driven businesses with Just-In-Time information and resources.  Finally, through Point of Success, Te Māia collaborating with Innovation Centres/Impact Hubs around the world to create “Landing Pads” for in-market support. Social procurement and sponsorship are just some examples of the exciting work in progress. Mahi Tahi is firmly our approach for co-designing.

Both project teams, Social Impact Waikato & Te Māia are looking forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime.  We also welcome any other interested entities to come onboard.

Next up we have an event where we will have some awesome speakers from Impact Hub Global Network coming to visit and speak to us in New Zealand. Please watch this space for details.

Thanks to the work everyone has put in and the support of Trust Waikato and Wintec, we are in great shape.   We are all working on putting the puzzle pieces together. Every contribution counts.

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi
With your basket and my basket, the people will live

Ngā manaakitanga,
Jessie Liu
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