Towards an Impact Hub in Aotearoa – Newsletter December ‘17

Kia ora team,

What a journey we have been on for the past few weeks!! Following our workshop on 8 Nov, we are grateful for the continuing support from the stakeholders and the communities. The action, the encouragement and the commitment demonstrate the friendship to Impact Hub project and the collective Aroha for Aotearoa. The message is loud and clear that Impact Hub as an aggregator and amplifier will build the connective fibres among our existing resources, so we are able to create the systematic change we need in our communities.

As we are on the way to establish Impact Hub Aotearoa, we will temporarily call ourselves Impact Hub Project in this newsletter. The alternative name and social media strategy will be discussed at our first co-founders meeting on 24 Jan 2018.

So what is Impact Hub Project?

Impact Hub Project is a social enterprise creating an impact on social well-being, environmental sustainability and economic development while making our own revenue through the income generators. The ideas illustrated above are currently under discussion. The impact comes from the partnership activities and our members such as social enterprises and purpose-driven organisations. Impact Hub Project works in collaboration with diverse stakeholders to complement the existing services and resources.  Impact Hub Project facilitates the formal and informal exchange of the resources and/or information to create cross-pollination creativity and innovation.

As illustrated above, there is more than one way to be involved in the Impact Hub project. The strong support from our strategic partners will form the first waves of the activities as the income generators while reinforcing our bond and amplifying our joint impact in the communities. We are not here to compete but to collaborate. By working together, we aim to add value to the existing ecosystem.

The journey of establishing Impact Hub Aotearoa started with a big bang, and we still have a long way to go. Thanks to our enabler, Trust Waikato for the initial seed funding of $60,000 continuing from October this year and Wintec’s in-kind support. Moving forward, we will be working on business and impact models with the co-founders. We will set up social media platform to document our journey.  Please watch this space!

In the meantime, please get in touch for a chat. On behalf of Impact Hub Project team, kia ora to your support and friendship.


Moving forward, we will keep you updated via LinkedIn, group emails and newsletters. Please get in touch if you wish to be on mailing list.

Nga mihi

Jessie Liu 

Project Manager on behalf of the Impact Hub project team – Trust Waikato and Wintec

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6 Responsesso far.

  1. Chae Simpson says:

    Hi there,
    Can I please be included in the mailing list?

    • Jessie Liu says:

      Hello Chae, thanks for the message. I have added your email address to our database.

  2. is there still another way to get involved in the Impact Hub project?

    • Jessie Liu says:

      Hello, thanks for the comment. Please feel free to get in touch for a chat.

  3. Roy Fraser says:

    Hi Jessie. Please include me in you mail list.

    Roy Fraser
    Community Development Worker
    Colville Social Service Collective

    • Jessie Liu says:

      Hello Roy, thanks. You will be receiving our newsletter soon. 🙂 Thank you for your support.