We reached a Milestone with our IoT systems!

We have developed very effective sensor networks and systems in the past, but have been tampering with a new emphasis on smaller modular IoT enabled systems.  The purpose of these smaller systems is to create modular units with a specific functionality that can be used in numerous different applications, whilst the cost is kept really low.

One of the key issues to be solved was to create the access point – a special tool used to connect these modules to the cloud databases.  We have reached the milestone where we have a low cost access point, with direct connection to the Google Cloud, without using specialist or intermediate API’s.  Prem (see the photo below) has been working on this for a while, and managed last Friday to have a reliable and sustained connection to the Google Cloud.  Thank you Prem!


This development means that we are ready to start deploying smaller modular systems at a very reasonable cost!  Much has been said about the value of the Internet of Things – and we are ready!

Please link in the near future as we will be rolling out applications for this technology!

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