We specialise in using transdisciplinary approaches in all our work.  We integrate across multiple areas of expertise, developing products and innovations for industry partners and communities, often co-created with them to ensure we deliver context-specific and fit for purpose innovations.

We do work in the following focus areas:

  1. Societal innovation and change initiatives
  2. Primary industries and agriculture
  3. Industrial chemistry
  4. Bio- and medical technologies and devices
  5. Internet of things and bespoke sensor networks, wearable, in-doors and distributed outdoors.
  6. Bespoke sensor development
  7. Energy, nutrients and water
  8. Environmental monitoring

We are particularly well-placed to work on solutions and innovations that require

  1. the integration of bespoke sensor networks, GIS, drones and simulation
  2. the integration of technology development to underpin and enable social good and societal change
  3. the integration of all engineering disciplines with other capabilities to develop bespoke industrial products.



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