Interactive Health Research – Trial Village

The nexus of clinical, nutrition, and exercise in health-related trials

Often health and wellness experiments and trials monitor only a limited set of data.  At our IHR Trial Village we  can provide and monitor a wide range of interventions and monitor an equally Eco Village1wide range of data to inform the analysis of impact of the intervention(s).

We are able to do trials where we integrate an exercise regime, nutrition (a specific diet) and other health interventions over a period of time to monitor the combined impact on the health or maintenance of chronic conditions of participants.  We have a village of houses where participants live in a sensored environment so that we are able to also monitor and capture activity levels and behavioural changes over time in real life environments.

This is particularly useful to

  1. Do more comprehensive health trials
  2. Manage chronic conditions
  3. Do trials and interventions to improve rehabilitation
  4. To monitor and quantify the impact of an improved lifestyle.
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