The Wintec 3D Printing Service

A professional 3D printing service utilizing the Projet 6000MP; a production and medical grade, high accuracy SLA 3D printer capable of producing complex and dimensionally stable models from resin.

Our current material range caters to the following applications:

  • Thin-walled models3D printer
  • Liquid containers
  • Equipment housings
  • Medical supply components
  • Plastic lenses
  • Rigid structures
  • High impact based
  • Household and consumer goods
  • Enclosures (including snap-fit)
  • Prototyping and end use
  • Repeated use
  • Form, fit and function testing
  • Master patterns for RTV/ Silicone testing
  • Automotive and consumer goods prototyping3DPrinter services
  • “See-thru” parts.
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